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Aimee's Case Study
(corporate sales / not tech savvy)
Alec's Case Study
(college student)

Jamie's Case Study
(yoga teacher)

Ippei's Case Study
(auto parts counter)

Dustin's Case Study

Cory's Case Study
(youth pastor / safety supply biz)

Wesley's Case Study
(real estate investor)

Chris' Case Study
(Verizon / church worker)

Jessica's Case Study

Chance's Case Study
(massage therapist)​​​​​​​

Stephanie Case Study
(mortgage industry / laid off)

Reg's case study
(finance / Aussie entrepreneur)

Our annual Vegas event
We let someone into our FB group temporarily to take a peek, & he asked if this program was worth it?
Here’s what our students had to say…
Here's what errr one asks us...

"Who are you?"

​A growing group of internet entrepreneurs working together to build lifestyle businesses.

"So what exactly do you do?"
Online marketing and advertising for small local businesses so they can get more customers.
"What's in it for them?"
"What's in it for you?"
Same.  It's a win-win situation.  We take a "sliver to deliver".  Errbody's happy. 
"Why wouldn't they do it themselves?"

Same reason you don’t give yourself a root canal.  (They’re not qualified or interested.)

"If it's so great, why tell me?"

Because a) With so many niches, cities, and small businesses out there that need help, we're not even coming close to scratching the surface of this industry.  And b) We're entrepreneurs and wanna make a sh*tload of money through multiple streams of income.  This program is one of those streams.


"But I don’t know the first thing about marketing and advertising for business owners.​"
Luckily for you, we do.  Our process is proven.  And we’ve got the tools, training, and the support to take any “newbie” from dud to stud in a matter of weeks, not years.


"What if I’m low on time, money, or both?"​​
Other than domain names, hosting, tracking numbers and some optional outsourcing, the costs to build this business are minimal.  And if you’ve got an hour or two a day?  That’s more than enough to get started and make meaningful progress every week.

"Why schedule a call? So you can sell me?" 
          Yeah.  Pretty much.  But also to see if you're a good fit for our group because this program ain't for everyone.
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